Our research Team

Yoshiho Ikeuchi, PhD

池内与志穂 准教授 略歴
Associate Professor

Tatsuya Osaki, PhD

大崎達哉 特任助教
Project Research Associate

Yasuhiro Ikegami

池上康寛 特任研究員
Project Researcher

Siu Yu Angela Chow

周小余 D3
PhD candidate

Kiyotaka Dohmae

堂前 清孝 M2
First year grad student

Ikuma Arakaki

新垣 生真 M1
First year grad student

Taro Nishikawa

西川 太郎 M1
First year grad student

LARRIEU, Guilhem

LARRIEU, Guilhem
Visiting Research Fellow

Hiromi Kanno

神野 浩美

Lab alumni

Please inquire if you are interested in joining the lab as a graduate student (PhD candidate), or interested in applying for a fellowship e.g. JSPS with us.

Please send a request by email if you are interested in visiting the lab.